Friday 18th October

The House of Suarez Ball of Atlantis Weekender will start on Friday 18th October with its annual dance event for exciting, emerging artists – Elements of Vogue hosted at The Black-E. The evening will celebrate and bring together a diverse range of local and national talent, including young dancers alongside professional artists. Elements of Vogue fuses vogue, commercial and contemporary dance styles and will pave the way for the excitement of the whole weekend.

Saturday 19th October

The House of Suarez Ball of Atlantis is the eleventh annual vogue ball with a proud place as part of Liverpool's cultural calendar. This year's theme brings you to Atlantis with breath taking dancers and extravagant costumes inspired by the ocean depths. This ever growing event promises to leave you gagging for more. Hosted by the inimitable Rikki Beadle-Blair see Houses battle for runway supremacy judged on their bold, opulent and fantastical realisation of the theme through vogue dance styles and costume design.

Also Friday 18th October

This year brings an exclusive House of Suarez event… A masterclass by the legendary Aviance Urrutia (former prince of the legendary House of Milan / Father of the House of Yamamoto) in the fundamentals of Vogue dance focusing on new way vogue style and hand performance. This masterclass is open level, suitable for all abilities.